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i am a canadian truck driver that travels in usa everyday..and ontario canada,what can i do for a cheap plan,

i am a canadian truck driver that travels in usa everyday..as well as Ontario Canada,

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How much use do you need for a phone in the USA? Calls, data, texts, how many days? How much use in US vs Canada?

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Hello Ron. There's no cheaper plan then what is available on Koodo's site. Koodo can't give you special discounts. But I know someone in your situation who'll be happy to help you. gI'll et him to look into the thread
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Hi Ron,

I'm a fellow OTR sitting in Rochester NY

Message me and I'll give you the lowdown about another alternative.

Your cheapest option is to buy the Roam Mobility sim card and a plan to the US. Text & Data plans start from $2.95 per day. https://www.roammobility.com/plans I have used the talk text and data plan ($4.95/day) multiple times and have no complaints with it. This is not done through Koodo.