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Huawei P30 coverage 4 replacement cost (accidentally dropped) Koodo Protection Plan or Me through Asurion?

  • 21 November 2020
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Hey Everyone, 

I have a Huawei P30 (love it btw) and I had an accident the other day where it was dropped ..as well as everything else on my computer shelf .:tired_face: Something fell directly on it and smashed it pretty good. 

The phone is apparently covered by “Koodo Protection Plan” but when I click the links, it brings me to Asurion website, where they are asking me for a $250.00 payment to replace the phone. 


What is my phone protected against? Your phone is covered against the following failures: accidental damage such as dropping your phone or submerging it in water and manufacturing defects that occur after the one-year manufacturer warranty expires. If your device experiences a covered failure while you are current on your plan, we will either repair or replace it, at our discretion, along with any standard accessories affected by the failure, subject to your payment of any applicable charge plus tax shown in the table above.

I am apparently Tier 5 = $250

“How many replacements do I have? You’re eligible for two replacements during a continuous 24-month period. For each service request, we cover the cost to replace or repair your phone up to a maximum retail value of $3,300, including accessories.”

when I looked online, according to Koodo, I see that accidental dropping is covered  and I am eligible for 2 phone replacements if needed….


Soooo… They say they cover the cost, so then why am I being asked to pay $250.00 to replace it? Am I reading this right?   I pay them 9$ a month for this insurance but yet, I still have to pay? Do they give that money back? or is it like a deductible charge I have to pay?


Do I go to : ubreakifix or to asurion or mobile klinic?  This is so confusing… 








I am hopeful that there will be more help here, because getting a call back or a live person is ridiculous! 



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I assume you went here 


And then here



So this is where you see the Terms and conditions of your protection plan

The fee is like a deductible.  Similar to home or car insurance.


Where are you seeing that it explicitly says they cover the cost?  The protection plan covers accidental dropping, as part of that coverage there is a fee.