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HSPA coverage when switching plans

  • 25 October 2012
  • 7 replies

I want to switch from the Koodo Canada-wide 40 (CD/VM) plan to the Canada Wide Data Plan 45. It says I lose HSPA if I switch plans, can anyone help me understand what it is I am losing?

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7 replies

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hey Caitlin that shouldnt happen its must be a glitch. you do have sim card phone right. if you i wouldnt worry to much about it unless your phone just magicaly stops working
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Hey Caitlin Like KoodoStarTrooper said it : No worries, unless if a customer is trying to activate a CDMA phone while he is switching plans ... nothing to worry about if you have an HSPA phone with SIM
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Hey Caitlin, No need to worry, when you change your plan, you can see the services that you ‘’lose’’ on the old plan, but also the services that you acquire on the new one, so if you didn't switch to CDMA like KST and Mat mentioned, you should find HSPA on the list of the new services 🙂 Hope this helps!
Hey Tayeb, Just so you know, like Caitlin I had the same experience, HSPA does not show up in the new services, which is the reason for her concern. Thanks for clarifying folks, Adam.
I am trying to switch to the Canada Wide 60 plan from the Canada Wide 50 plan and I am facing the same problem: losing Koodo HSPA. I have an iPhone 3GS, and will likely be upgrading to an iPhone 4G or 5. Will I be able to avail the benefits of the high speed LTE networks still? Like Caitlin asked, what exactly are we losing when we lose "Koodo HSPA"? See picture.

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You're actually not losing anything. It's a glitch. Don't worry about it. It's network related and has nothing to do with your plan. Also, LTE is indeed available in certain areas. Check the coverage map if you're unsure. However, you can only get it if you obtain an LTE capable phone and a V3 SIM card. Your iPhone 3GS is not an LTE device so you can't get it anyway. You can either get an iPhone 5 from Koodo, wait for the Galaxy S III to come out on Koodo, or obtain a different LTE device by other means. Then head on over to a kiosk or supporting retailer to get a V3 SIM card (regular or micro) for $10. In the case of an iPhone 5, you'll need a nano SIM.
I talked to a Koodo rep today who said they are in the process of getting this glitch fixed.