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How to upgrade phone without putting too much money

I have been with koodo for 7 years now, I have never complained and have had a good service so far. My phone is starting to glitch a bit (an LG G2 that I got from a friend 1 year ago), and I am kind of disappointed as how you can get a phone now with the balance. I would like to upgrade phones, but don't want to invest much in it... what are my best options??

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Via Koodo ? If you can find a Moto x play at a best buy for 240 still then I'd say grab that. Following that there is the Moto g4 plus on tab medium. There's nothing else in the price range available via Koodo with better value really. If you're willing to get something outside of Koodo, there is the international edition of the xiaomi redmi note 3 pro for 240 cad. Make sure it has the expanded lte bands like via geekbuying.com uhmm...if you're willing to spend 150 more there is the ZTE axon 7 or one plus 3. Worth it if you can. There are some decent Blu phones in their upper range but still cheap if you're OK with sporadic updates.
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Goran wrote:

Via Koodo ? If you can find a Moto x play at a best buy for 240 still then I'd say grab that. Fol...

Ooooooo I forgot about BLU. Yes office depot has them unlocked and they are well built and interesting.
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If you've got the cash you can purchase whatever compatiable phone you like from wherever (kijiji, eBay). Or You can out as much as you like down on a new device from Koodo and then just pay off the balance slowly over the next two years, interest free. Koodo has some really great devices for the budget conscious. Your G3 was a flagship device at one point so expect to pay a premium for another one. Check out the website... Specifically the Moto G is a great device that won't break the bank.