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How to turn off voicemail option

Someone left a voicemail message with nothing on it (I could hear the person walk) that was so long, it ate all of my minutes left (I had a 100 and had used about 10 to 20 of them). Can I turn off the voicemail since no one ever leave me messages anyway (except for that person who doesn't know how to leave a message and how to turn the call off).

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That means I can never talk on the phone with people because buying this booster is just a waste of my money and may end up with a real call being cut. You're losing money with me not offering an option to disable it! I only pay $15 per month for sms and will continue to do so.
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Shouldn't you be able to turn on Extended absence and NOT allow any messages? I'm not on pre-paid so cannot confirm if you have this option.
MD wrote:

Shouldn't you be able to turn on Extended absence and NOT allow any messages? I'm not on pre-paid...

Is that an option on the phone or through Koodo?
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Hello Kathia,

While there is no way to turn off voicemail, there is a trick that you may try and that can help you. 
Just accumulate 10 messages on your voicemail (you can leave them yourself from another line) and you will not be able to receive any more messages.

Hope this helps!
Veronica, that's brilliant! I found another way too, I looked up some tips. While it didn't let me disable forwarding calls and all that, I found the option and set it to call my home phone. That way if I listen to the message, I'm not losing minutes since I have a base plan at home. But frankly, no one important ever leave messages...
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Another option to listen to your voicemails is to call your cell from a landline. When it goes through to voicemail, press the star key, and it'll ask you to log in!