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How to keep my old $40 plan and to get a phone?

  • 10 October 2020
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Hello I have used Koodo service for many years and right now have a old $40 Per month 4Ggb plan and wish to keep it. Is there any chance I can buy a LG V60 phone but keep this plan? As right now there is not even plan is better for me. 


Many thanks. 


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3 replies

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Possibly the tab basic? It should be 35 for minimum spend but your plan may end up being too old to not be forced to change to an in market plan. Try it out see if it let's you.

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If you can't keep the plan, you can always buy the phone direct from a third party. You don't have to buy from Koodo... If worst comes to worst.

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Yes you should be able to upgrade on a Tab Basic