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How to I get customer service without waiting a very long time?

Is it just me, or is it difficult to get in contact with a Koodo rep to solve an issue
1. $5 promotion offered on landline. Dealer said if they answer or do any transactions, they would have to charge, its best to speak to an agent - or do yourself on self serve.
2. Tried calling an agent, spent close to an hour, was given a call back opportunity, which by then I could not take the call, because i was occupied with work.
3. Tried to go to the community network on Koodo, which I then have to registered, and then was told by another community person, that I should go to Koodo Facebook, to get a direct response, and a quick resolution to my problem.
4. just logged onto Facebook koodo, and explained the problem, and got a message saying "were a bit backed up and will take a few hours to respond, but we will. Thanks for your patience".
5. Do i wait on Facebook for a few hours, put my life on pause...surely there is an easier way...feeling really disappointed!

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What is your issue?  We may be able to help you.

$5 WHP promo will show up on the first full month of service for the next 12 months.
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@ Garden Savers, I see that you purchased mobile phone from an authorized dealer back in May. I'm hoping that they explained that Koodo is indeed a predominantly self serve brand. Meaning that we do provide good value for price customers pay, managing their account is indeed mostly done online. Indeed this Community has provide awesome answers to tens of thousands of people.

We do have service fee if you ask our reps to make a change on your account that one can do themselves for free online. However, the dealer is absolutely wrong in saying that simple question are charged as well.

I do see your question on Facebook relating to your recent purchase of a home phone in August. Indeed, as you stated above you did get the $5 a month for 12 months promo. And that is what is on your latest invoice as per below.

Because of your bill cycle date proration kicks in. This is normal and you went through it with your mobile phone in the first month as well. Here are some details on how it works:


Hope this helps! Let me assure that there is nothing wrong with your bill. Any questions you may have, if asked here, will get an answer in the majority of the times.