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How long are yearly plans for? 3 years or 2 years?

I was just wondering if plans were the standard 3 year span. I have heard a lot of new regarding the government making it a law that phone companies no longer can have a 3 year plan for a phone. So I was wondering if that also applied to Koodo. And how long the plans last?

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Koodo does not have any contracts. You can keep your plan for as long as you wnat. However the cell phone subsidy will always end by 2 years time or earlier.
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Hi there, Koodo has a tab system, but it is adhering to the conditions put in place for all service providers which is that your contract is to be only 24 months (two years). With the tab you can have it paid off in 24 months or less (depending on how much your monthly plan and add ons are). I've provided a link in regards to how the tab works on Koodo. http://koodomobile.com/en/ns/tab.shtml Hope that helps 🙂