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How is it that your system is not in synch through out the company?

How is it that your corporate costumer service (*611) and mall store representatives are given completely different information, rules to follow, and are not on the same system? My husband was told something MULTIPLE times on the phone so we went in to a store to make a new purchase and add a second line (which i may add is across the city from where i live.) First time we went the systems were down, second time we went we requested what we wanted and the teenager told us it wasnt possible. (do keep in mind this was AFTER we called multiple times) And then proceeded to inform us that it was not his job to know why his information was different then your main system. I would like to know how?

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What is it that you were trying to do exactly?
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Might be because everyone is different. Those that know the rules and regulations and those that just don't caere either way. It seems the store rep was the latter. Also, asking something like this is near impossible for anyone to answer. In order to open a second line, the account cannot have a spending limit. If that is the case, that is why the additional line was unable to be activated. We do need more details in order to help more efficiently.
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Hi there, we want to check what happened but we need more details. Since we don't have access to your account from here, I would suggest that you send us an email: http://koo.do/YqucV0. Don't forget to include the store's location and name of the rep (if you know it). Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Are you the account holder?Only the account holder can activate another line. If that's the case I shouldn't see an issue with you activating a 2nd line unless you are on a spending cap and are only eligible for 1 line.