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How do you know what evenings means?

My plan the Canada Text and Talk 25 i thought had unlimited evenings after 5pm but my bill says daytime minutes are being billed up to almost 9 pm. Self serve is also saying 5 pm when i hover over the plan. How do i find out when my unlimited evenings begin.

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From what I remember about that plan, the unlimited evenings start at 7pm. The billing system will recognize this even though the actual bill YOU see will show otherwise. You can find this out in Self Serve in the Plans and Add-ons section
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Hi Jayme, Tyler is right! Our $25 Canada-wide Talk & Text plans usually includes Evenings & Weekends (E&W) from 7pm to 8m, although we did have a plan offered from July 21/2011 till February 2/2012 with E&W from 5pm to 8am. We are aware that bills show daytime until 9pm. This is a slight cosmetic error and rest assured that the system doesn't count the airtime after 7pm (or 5pm) as daytime minutes. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.