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How do I get long distance calling!!?

I have the 25 anytime booster plan but still can't make long distance calls. I don't see any other plans that would be for long distance calls. And why the hell do I have to log in via facebook etc. just to post this question....

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You need to dial a 1 in front of a LD number... it'll work. Also you don't NEED to log in via Facebook, you can create an account or use Google as well... you wouldn't want to log in using your regular Koodo account for fraud protection anyway 🙂 Edit: Hang on, I'm confused now, you're talking about the $25 anytime booster plan... there really is no such thing but are you talking about the $25 BASE plan?? In that case, you'll need to buy a separate booster for LD as the base plans offer local calls only. Confusing I know!
I know how to make a long distance call lol, it said some Mumbo jumbo about not being covered. I just thought I would be able to log in with my hotmail account but oh well Facebook will have to do. I will try the call again thanks! Maybe the booster plan just didn't register yet.
And I'm talking about the $5.00 25 anytime minute booster plan.
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I updated my reply after I gave it, John, sorry I misunderstood the first time 😃 Did you check your self service to see if the booster itself registered in your account?
Oook so it shows up in the e-mail I got when I set the phone up, but doesn't show up on my self service account. On top of that I tried to make the long distance call after speaking with you and it worked! Just tried the same number a minute ago and back to saying I have no active booster plan...
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John Warner wrote:

Oook so it shows up in the e-mail I got when I set the phone up, but doesn't show up on my self s...

That is strange!! Did you get it sorted? If self service doesn't show anything unusual, you're best off to call Koodo (*611) and ask them what could be wrong 🙂