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How do I check my voicemail from out of town?

I'm out of town and I can't access my voicemail. When I press Dial Voicemail, it doesn't let me enter my password - it just goes directly to my own message asking people to leave me a message. How do I access my voicemail from out of town? I'm still in the same province. My phone is a Samsung Intensity.

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You can just press * when your voice mail message comes on and then it will ask for your password, types it in and your into by our voice mail box.
Hi Paul, I'm on a cruise in Europe. I cannot get the voice mail message. How do I access the voice mail? I'm not even answered .,There is a message saying my cal can't go through?
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There are others here who are more knowledgeable about this than I, but I believe there are two add ons that need to be applied in order to make calls. (Pay Per Use Intl Long Distance + International Voice Roaming). Below is an excerpt from Koodo's Coverage, Long Distance and Travelling page. Go to Koodo Self Serve and follow these simple steps. If you have a phone with a SIM card: Go to Phone services page and then Add-ons page and select Add-ons. If you do not already have Pay Per Use Intl Long Distance add-on ($0/month) in your included services or optional add-ons, add this. In addition, you will need to add International Voice Roaming ($0/month) in order to call and text, while travelling outside of Canada and the U.S. After you’ve added the above feature successfully, return to the Phone services page or return to Add-ons and add International Data Roaming. This feature will not be available until you complete Step 1. This is a $0 add-on and will enable you to use data services while travelling abroad. Just a heads up, you’ll only need to complete this step if you want to use data while travelling. If you’re not planning to use data, you can skip this step. Roaming rates for Zone 1: Voice: $1.50 /min Data: $5.00/MB $0.60/texts (outgoing) Free Incoming texts http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/travelling