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how come koodo will charge for full month if I cancel service or port my number to other company after few days use

this month I decide to port my number from koodo to another company. but I only use few days service within this bill cycle, so how come koodo will charge for the whole month instead of just the portion I have been used. since all the other company just charge portion what u have been used.

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Will charge you , or did charge you? Have you received your final billing?
they do charge me. I already have the final bill.
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Chances are,,,
 you ported out your number few days after the bill date.
So what you received was not the final bill. - They already generated your bill and sent it to you before Koodo acknowledge your port,  Log into self serve later and it will show you adjusted amount.( They need time to update your account when anything happen just around bill date)
yes it happened like that. but call in first time, the rep told me to wait until the next bill comes out, so it will show the adjustment. but this month I receive another bill with late payment on it.
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penny wrote:

yes it happened like that. but call in first time, the rep told me to wait until the next bill co...

You received 2 bills this month?  They don't send you 2 bills even if you canceled your account in middle of your billing cycle.

If your bill included late payment charge, then it happened for previous bill.
no, just one bill, the final bill. port out was happened in last billing cycle. so I called in before, and the rep told me to wait, then I received this final bill with late payment and full monthly charge.
sorry, I typed it wrong at the beginning. port out from koodo was last month. 
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Hey Penny! If you still need help understanding your bill we're one private message away through Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!