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how can i talk to someone? or ask a question if my question hasn't been started by someone else?

  • 1 February 2016
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I do the safe arrival for an elementary school and we need a phone that is able to receive calls and voice mail, and potentially text messages. How much would i have to pay monthly for that?

3 replies

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The lowest priced plan is $35 plus any 911 fee and taxes as per your province.

Prepaid might be less expensive depending on your Talk requirements
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I am assuming you want a child of yours to have a cell phone to keep in touch with or if you (sorry it's a little difficult to understand exactly what you mean) want to b kept in touch either way it sounds like minimal usage and little outgoing. You'd be best of I think with prepaid and you can follow th link above.
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Don't forget to confirm the number of voicemail messages you need to host. Some plans with some carriers only host three voice messages before deleting the oldest ones. If you expect there may be more than three callers before you can get back to them, you would want to ensure you have a greater number of voice mail messages in your plan.

I understand Koodo offers 10 messages.