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I have an older Koodo phone.  Can I get it hooked up - I don't need texting or anything other than the phone for emergency purposes only. 

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For emergency purposes, you would be best off with a prepaid plan. No point in spending $ on data or picture messaging that you don't need.

It would have to be a phone that has a SIM card, not an ancient CDMA device.

$15.00 a month on the basic plan + $25 for a 500 minutes that don't expire will carry you a long way in your situation. And the $15 monthly fee effective gets dropped to $13.50  if you auto-top up with a registered credit card, and you get a free 100 minute booster.
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What phone do you have?

Hi thanks, how do I get hooked up?  I was with Rogers and just got out of them.  So, do I need to register to get a new cellphone number or does that travel with me?  I got it from Rogers.  I don't know how to go about this stuff, obviously.  
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If you have closed your account with Rogers, the number is no longer available to you, and you would need to choose a new one. If you haven't closed your Rogers account you can port your number when you register on your new carrier

BTW, for very occasional or emergency use Koodo's parent Telus has a better deal. You can buy a monthly top up for $10, or an annual one for $100 ($8.20 per month), and your unused minutes roll over to the next period.
thanks for your help - I'll contact Telus.