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Home Phone / ZTE WF721 & Accessiblity Voice Mail

Just picked up Wireless Home Phone today for my parents, and I was curious whether the ZTE WF721 supports VMWI - Visual Mail Waiting Indicator. Basically that's the little red blinky light on many analog phones. I know it supports MWI, or the audio stutter dial tone, but was also hoping for the blinking light (since the device itself with its own blinking light won't be close to the cordless handset).
Further. Let's say I want to forgo Koodo's voice mail system and hook up an accessibility answering device. When the caller disconnects, the ZTE produces a non-standard fast beep tone (instead of triggering disconnect, or producing a dial tone, or a dead line) which connected answering machines DO NOT DETECT as the caller disconnecting... and will instead continue recording the beeping indefinitely. Is there any way to change this behavior?
Thanks for any assistance!

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There is a user manual on the WHP FAQ page, but it is silent on your queries. http://aide.koodomobile.com/Portals/0/Phones/PDF%20Guides/User%20Guide%20Final%20Copy.pdf
Hi, yes I noticed that. On the first point (phone VM light), seems like it needs to support FSK for that signalling, which is the same kind of data transmission as Caller ID. So, seems like something that should've been possible to implement in a product that otherwise does support Caller ID. The last point wouldn't be a big deal if the first point didn't exist, but again, it's not quite replicating analog  functionality.