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High data useage!!!!!

My wife and I are using high rates of data this month. We are almost 75% thru our plan. We have had our plan almost 2 years and barely use any data. My wife had her phone replaced under warranty last month and mine was rebooted - wiped the phone clean. So what happened? Why are we almost out of data well before the month is over? It is basically 10 times our montly average! Thanks for any help.

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What model of device you and your wife have?
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Check your phones to see what is using up your data. Sometimes, there may be an application running in the background that you do not know about or you have certain settings turned on that enable data usage.
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It could have been that data was used during the setup process of your wife's new phone and the data could have been left on after your phone was wiped. Or what happens a lot of the time is what John mentioned.
I really don't know what to look for, but if i am reading the right screen it says email and facebook?? How do I change the settings? Wifes phone passed the warning threshold last night. I printed the data history page from Koodo. Her average for the last two years is around 120 to 150. So far this month she is at 1,565. My average is around 15 to 20. So far I have used 585. How do we fix this.
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Open the facebook app. Tap the menu button on the phone. Tap on settings. Under sync photos choose don't sync my photos. Under video auto play choose off.
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It's possible your wife's data was already enabled when you picked up the new device. I purchased a second Moto G device last week and as soon as I powered the device on and went into mobile settings, it showed that mobile data was already enabled. No idea which phones either of you have, if you could provide this information (model & make), that would be helpful.
Thanks everybody! Still not solved - but positive we are on the right track. Went to dealer, they wanted to wipe phones again - said no - that can't be the problem as we have two different manufacturers with the same issue. Wife had her new phone a few days prior to mine being wiped clean. Reviewed data usage on Koodo website - spike started when we each started with "clean" phones. So - obviously an app issue. Followed advice from everyone, plus a few internet comments - data appears to be down today - will log in tomorrow and see usage then. BTW: Wife has a Motorola Moto G and mine is a Samsung Galaxy Ace II. Oh - Koodos website showing app history is GREAT - shows time and date with amount of data being downloaded - wish I could see the actual app being downloaded though. Chat later everyone.
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Mark Greenwood wrote:

Thanks everybody! Still not solved - but positive we are on the right track. Went to dealer, the...

Not an app issue in reality though. Whatever you guys or someone else did to your phones that lowered your usage came undone when the phones were reset to factory settings.
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As I mentioned earlier Mark, the Moto G ships with mobile data enabled or at least that's been my experience with the two Moto G's I have. Also, if you've recently updated your device to Kitkat 4.4.4, mobile data will automatically re-enable itself after the firmware update. Turning mobile data on or off. From the home screen, swipe the Status bar downward. Tap the Quick settings icon.Tap SETTINGS. Tap Data usage. Tap to toggle Mobile data ON or OFF. Tap the three dots just above the data toggle switch (menu) and select 'restrict background data'. This will restrict some apps from requesting data. Certain apps are data-persistent and will require that you manually turn off certain aspects of the app that persistently request or consume data, as Timo explained.