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Help the Elderly

There seems to be this general idea amongst wireless companies that all elderly people want, or need, is prepaid for their phone service. This idea is so deeply rooted that many elderly folk believe it themselves. And why shouldn't they? For a large contingent of Canada's elderly population who live on a fixed income, having a cell phone is an added expense they feel thru neither want , nor need. Perhaps this stems from the notion that these items, while useful, are completely over priced. They would be right. I'd like to purpose that Koodo take the steps to change that. Create a plan for senior citizens. Here's the thought... 1. We start with making a plan that is reasonable, but packed with value. $16 a month before the tab. Plan would come with 50 nationwide anytime minutes and unlimited text with call display and voice-mail. No nights and weekends, as this is just a starter El Senior Citizen plan. 2. Code the activation system so that only members who are 65 years and older qualify for the plan, and they must be the financially responsible party. 3. Next, make this plan only available on standard flip phones ( like the Alcatel OneTouch A392A) or BYOD. Show these people who have come before us that they matter, and Koodo cares. Be the first company to put focus back on these customers, and place value in them, that they will place back into Koodo.

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The oky thing I disagree with here is that they are the responsible party. Sometimes families pay for their senior family members just so they'll have a phone without an additional expense.
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I don't see how your proposed plan is of much better value than the current prepaid system.

$15/month gets you the unlimited text you're talking about.

$25 talk booster (500 minutes) = ~$2/month (~41 minutes/month).

Sure, you'd pay $1 less per month (and get 9 minutes less), but your minutes would not roll over and your "overage" would be a lot less on prepaid if you add another booster. The ability to get a tab isn't of any advantage as feature phones are inexpensive and you pay for the full price of the phone in any case.
A couplr things to consider: having an option, such as this, would not negate family members from helping with the bill. This can still easily be done. But this also hrlps against a stigma in the wireless industry that its services are widely expensive on a plan basis. As far as booster packs are concerned, as a sales person myself i can attest that theyre anything but clear and simple. For some elderly, I'd wager, they'd be pretty confusing. Now, while i can agree that rollover on paper is quite an advantage, in practice its nothing at all. Because the rolled over minutes do in fact expire if you dont put on another card in time, they become useless, and essentially obsolete. Booster packs and prepaid also dont allow for nationwide minutes. And while 50 may seem like a small thing, mich like rolling over minutes that yiu can likely never use, some will see value in these minutes.
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Robert McAlaster wrote:

A couplr things to consider: having an option, such as this, would not negate family members from...

Talk boosters are indeed nationwide. And they don't expire if you keep the $15/month base plan active. This can be set up for pre-authorized payment, which would get you 10% off (something I hadn't figured in the above calculation).

The potential headaches of a no-frills, low-minute postpaid account far outnumber those of a prepaid account. Especially, when the postpaid account is no cheaper.