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Hi Guys...I have some positive bill credit which i gained from refer a friend.. If i port to some other carrier then can i can i get this money back?? Also if some of the referals disconnect before 3 months then what will happen?

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If you disconnect within 90 days of the refer a friend activation, Koodo will claw that credit back, meaning they will reverse the credit.
If you're in a rush to activate with another carrier (say they have a really good promotion), go do your thing with a new number. Then downgrade the Koodo line to the cheapest plan and add $3 monthly for call forwarding. Then forward calls to the new (temporary) number from the other carrier until you complete the 90 days with Koodo since your friend signed up with Koodo.
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As a word of caution, the program is being more closely monitored for abuse and fraudulent activity. We're aware that there are a few bad apples (mainly retail partner employees), that take advantage of the program for personal gain, which goes against the program rules and also the organizations ethical behaviour policies. Outside of the 90-day activation requirement for claw-backs, further action can also be taken against employees if caught in this web..