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Headed to the states for a couple of days and want to use my gps maps. Is there an add on so it won't cost thousands of dollars? :-)

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If we're talking Google maps, did you know you can download an area before you leave and still be able to use your GPS in that area off line?
You'd otherwise need a roaming add on. Something with a data allowance As an alternative you could always unlock your device and use a local sim wherever you're going.

Tips and tricks Popular tip: View maps offline Save an area of the map so you can view it when you aren't connected to the Internet: Search for a place, like "San Francisco." Pull up the place info sheet at the bottom of the screen, and touch the menu three vertical dots in the top right corner. Select Save offline map to save the selected area of the map. (Sign into your Google Account, if you haven't already.)

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You might find it cheaper to get a purpose built App such as CoPilot, which has the maps built in. Even if you go outside the area you had initially anticipated, you have the maps. I've used it in US, Europe and Canada for route finding.


Great Trick Chad. Thank you so much!!!!
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Alternatives: MapFactor Navigator and HERE, provided you can spare the space on the phone to download the maps while you're on wi-fi. All of NorthAmerica ends up being about 3 gig. Data does not have to be on, except the few moments it might take you to search for an unanticipated address.