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Having international calls packages will be a great idea!

It could be a certain amount of minutes or unlimited minutes to any country, to make it affordable.

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They have an add on to make international minutes more affordable though
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Skype2go. Gives you local numbers for up to 30 of your friends and it's very affordable. I have unlimited north America for 2.99 a month or 30$ a year. Doesn't use data. Voice quality is excellent. You can register a number of phones to use the nunbers so your family can use it too.
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Id strongly suggest you take a look at the LD saver add on, its only $2 a month and gives you great rates for international calling. That way you also only pay for what you use. It may depend where your calling but I know people I have talked to said the rates were better for them than a calling card. http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/long-distance