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Has Koodo increased the price of the international LD to $3 a month?

I am looking to travel to Europe for a week on business and rather than spend 30 euros on a sim card I wanted to see if Koodo offered good rates and then I wouldn't have to change my phone number. When i go to plans and add ons the international LD is $3 a month, is this the same as before or a new item?

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Same as before, price went up. Roaming in europe will cost you $1.50/minute, $0.60/message and $5/MB though, so you're better off getting the phone unlocked and using a local sim.
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Koodo's rate in Europe, I have to believe, is tied to whatever the local carriers charge them plus any margin koodo decides to put on top of it. I don't think at this point they have much flexibility on that unless they want to lose money.