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Great Customer Service with Excellent Customer Service Policies

I had an issue with an add on not working when I went to Asia and I mistakenly sent the text that activated a US only add on.   I called in about this issue and an issue with my credit card info needing updating and a gentleman at Koodo who helped me went above and beyond in assisting me.   Not only did he correct my bill by reimbursing me for the unused add on he also took off the late fee caused by my credit card info needing updating.  

During the call we got cut off and I had no idea how to get a hold of the gentleman and within minutes, he was calling me back on my cell phone.   He confirmed all the transaction using a MMS message outlining everything that we discussed and all actions taken by Koodo.

Great job, whoever you were and great training Koodo with excellent customer service policies. 

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