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Good data + voice plans

  • 11 October 2012
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Don't you offer promotional plans anymore?! I got an iphone and I just wanted to active it with you in a 6gb plan 😢 but it's not offered anymore ._. .sadly I'll have to move to another company if Koodo doesn't offer 6gb plans anymore... and the option to pay 15$ for 500mb add-on + my plan is not a big deal.

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9 replies

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Hey thank you for yours answers!. This morning I received a call from a Koodo Rep and he told me...Ok, that's pretty awesome.....not often a company admits that their employee was wrong. And you got what you wanted at the end.
Hey thank you for yours answers!. This morning I received a call from a Koodo Rep and he told me that koodo've recorded and reviewed the call I did and the information, the other rep gave me, was wrong (wow such awesome thing 'cause the other rep spoke to me in spanish lol). Finally I got the 6GB plan for my iPhone 😃 and it'll start with my next bill. Thank you so much 😃 you have kept me as your client... because honestly I was looking for other company... But here I am 🙂
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Hi Fabien, you could also go for our brand new data Add-on that includes 4Gb of data for $30: http://koo.do/od0xOO. You can add it to any plan you want. But hurry, the offer expires on October 14th 🙂 Ps: we love iPhone users as much as the others 😉
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How can I upgrade to 1GB?You don't really 'upgrade' to 1GB. Since Koodo has flexable data, it automatically fits into how much you use. So if you don't even use a full 500MB one month, you will only be charged $15 for data. However if the next month, you use around 800MB which is less than 1GB but more than 500MB, then you will automatically be charged for $20. (which is $5 more) Heres a link to the data calculator: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/datasaverheavyweight.shtml
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How can I upgrade to 1GB?I just had one of my referral sign up for the $65 plan today. He had to ask for a supervisor or something but they signed him up no problem. You may want to call them again, see if you get someone who knows what they are talking about.
How can I upgrade to 1GB?
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$30 Canada-wide + $5 Unlimited Text + $15 Heavyweight = $50/month. This includes: 150 Canada-wide minutes Unlimited 5pm/weekends Unlimited text Caller ID Voicemail 10 500MB of data Upgrade to 1GB of data for only a $5 increase, thus a $55/month. In my opinion, that's a pretty good plan.
I have never thought that I would get an iPhone, so that's why I didn't pick that plan in that moment... And If I didn't have the phone in that moment, why will I pay 65$ for something that I would never use... Anyways, this is kind of disgusting. It seems like Koodo doesn't care about their customers... I've seen that they also deleted the other two promotional plans (and they didn't have expiration date)... why?. Koodo doesn't offer Data + voice plans and it really sucks. Koodo only offers two expensive add-on of data and they are only 100mb and 500mb! what kind of joke is it?!... Koodo don't want to keep loyalty clients? Maybe activate an iPhone with Koodo doesn't sound great for them, and that's why Koodo doesn't offer good data plans. Thank you.
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The expiration date of the plan was clearly advertised on Koodo's website for quite a while. You'll have to keep a look out on Facebook or Koodo's website to see if any new plans are launched. Cheers.