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Going to USA for 6 months with Koodo what will it cost?

In Canada but leaving for Arizona for 6 months. Would like to keep the same Koodo package but use in the States. Can you give us some help?

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For an extended period of time like that I'd say your probably better off getting your phone unlocked and then use one of the US carriers prepaid service while you are down there, it should be much cheaper. Then you just put your Koodo account on a seasonal hold and pay just $15 a month for them to hold your #, keep in mind you will have to choose a plan that available at the time of your return. You can have Koodo unlock your phone for just $35 if you meet therrequirements or you can try an online unlocking service, I personally use and recommend GSMLIBERTY.COM unless you have an iPhone then definitely get Koodo to unlock it as its $100 or more from elsewhere.
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As far as prepaid carriers in the usa, hit up an Arizona Walmart, there you'll find Net10 sim starter kit which will give you unlimited talk/text/ and data (3Gb at lte soeeds) on AT&T for 50$ a month. You can use Skype or other services to call and text back to Canada.