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Get trying to get a hold of koodo customer service

Trying to get ahold of Customer service for the current promo - I’m sure it’s been a crazy few days! (I get it I work customer service). My question is will I lose out on the promo if I can’t get ahold of anyone ? Like most I’ve called a few times, been transferred, then the phone hangs up after being on hold for a couple hours. I mean I don’t mind waiting a day or so to get a reply as long as I can still take advantage of the promo 🙂

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https://mobilesyrup.com/2017/12/18/support-lines-go-quiet-due-to-massive-response-to-6010gb-promotions-from-canadian-carriers/ It's happening across all carriers. You best bet is to sign up as a new customer at a kiosk or to sign up with a new provider