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Get my number reactivated please.

  • 18 March 2023
  • 2 replies

Hi, I've been overseas for 9.5 months.

Could I please have my number reactivated to how it was before I left on the 28th of June 2022?

A few days after I had my number deactivated I had it reactivated at the cheapest monthly rate so that I could receive texts but that was too expensive to for only checking texts once or twice in 9 months.

So could my account be reactivated to how it was before it was originally put on hold please, along with all the extra data I have acquired over the years please?

2 replies

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@Chadley Your account is on seasonal hold.  Plans do change and the one that you had is no longer available.  I would suggest to pick a plan from the current offering (you had a $55plan before) to bring your account back to be activated. We will be able to connect with you afterwards and help out as best as possible with some data add-ons you had in the past.  We have also introduced rollover data which carries over any data left from one month to the next. I hope this helps. 

Awesome, thank you Bernard!