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get a 20 $ plan back

I think it should be back. Not every one can pay more expensive ! you will loose teenager customers who only want to txtr

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Go with their prepaid service. $15 gets you unlimited txting. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml
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So on prepaid you can get 25 minutes of Canada wide calling and unlimited texting for $20 ($15 + $5). I wasn't paying too much attention, but how does this compare to the previous $20 plan? I'm assuming no tab for prepaid?
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if you don’t use all your minutes, they’ll just carry over the next month without expiry dates(if you renew your base plan) 🙂
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The $20 Talk + Text plan is still available, but it's not advertised. You can get it through Self-Serve.