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Galaxy ace 2 not connecting to CPU

  • 9 October 2013
  • 2 replies

HELP! I got a samsung galaxy ace 2 and i just can not get it to show up on my computer! I downloaded The Kies software but still nothing! This very frustrating please help!

2 replies

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Try this. Disconnect the Ace 2x from your computer. Do not connect the Ace 2x to your computer until instructed. Reboot your computer. After your computer has finished booting, right-click on the Kies icon and select 'run as administrator'. On the Ace 2x, go to: Settings > Developer options - Press Ok and enable USB debugging (place checkmark in box). Turn the Ace 2x off and remove the battery for one minute. Replace the battery and turn the Ace 2x on and wait for it to boot to the Home screen. If you have a lock screen set up, enter code to unlock screen. Connect your Ace 2x to your computer via usb and watch the 'Connected devices' area in Kies. Your GT-S7560M (Ace 2x) should now appear. A pop up window will also appear, this is the removable storage drive(s) that Windows detects and allows access to files that are on the Ace 2x.
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I suggest posting this as a question not an idea Edit: However I suggest trying all the usb ports on your computer as some could be defective. if you're using one of those usb extensions, plug out the other things connected to the extension and plug in your phone by itself. I find that sometimes it can't detect certain things when all the usb ports are being used