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Future grandfathered plans

If I get a phone on a plan, and keep the phone for years and years, will I be able to keep the plan so long as I don't upgrade? I guess what I'm trying to ask is do you guys force people out of plans ever?

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The only instances that come to mind are if you wanted an old tab "large" or the current tab "plus" plan then you would need a current in-market plan. Otherwise using the regular tab to upgrade your phone doesn't force you onto a new plan and you can keep your grandfathered plan.

Of course tomorrow Koodo could declare all grandafathered plans are invalid. There's no guarantees but Koodo so far has been quite good about grandfathering.
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Hey Brian, the answer to your question is yes, you can keep your plan 🙂! We will not force you to change your plan if you don't upgrade. Some customers have been on the same plan since Koodo launched!  As Goran mentioned, right now customers can keep their plan even if they upgrade unless if it's to the Tab Plus (in case you were interested in a new phone).  You can also purchase unlocked phones to use with your service too.  Have a good one!
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I also want to add, that as of right now, Koodo does not force you to change plans.  I have seen from the other providers that this was also the case at one time, but then customers were eventually forced out of there plans.  

Never say never, but as of right now, Koodo does not do this.  But dont be overly surprised if this happens in the future.