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Full-bandwidth Daily quota and throttled unlimited Data

  • 2 April 2016
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[b]Introduction of the Unlimited (w/ Daily Quota + Throttling) Data Plan

I would like to propose a voice + data plan that's not done in Canada as far as I know, but is widely used in Japan among smaller MVNO that rents bandwidth from bigger carriers. The data plan structure is probably new to North America, but I believe these plans can appeal to a lot of users that are currently unsatisfied with the data.

[b]Data: In short, the plan is advertised as "Unlimited Data"

Daily Quota Plan:
  1. Each day has a quota of ie 30MB, 50MB, or 100MB at unthrottled bandwidth at different plan rates. (10, 15, or 20/month) Streaming is enabled.
  2. Once the daily quota is reached, the bandwidth is throttled down to i.e.300 kb/s or = 36kB/s, which is more than enough to check email, IM, VOIP (not skype video) and Facebook, and streaming of any kind is disabled.
  3. The daily quota is reset each day at midnight.
  4. There is no daily or monthly data cap for running at throttled bandwidth.
Pure Throttled Monthly Plan:

Each day has no quote, but bandwidth is constantly capped at a higher speed than daily quota plan, i.e. 500kb/s or 62.5kB/s. There is no monthly maximum data cap.

[b]Text Option:

Text option can be enabled with the purchase of Pre-paid credits
Pre-paid text rate is 10c / outgoing.
Pay-Per-Text subscription option can be enabled for i.e. 3 dollars /month
- Pay-Per-Text subscription carries a cheaper than pre-paid rate, i.e. 5c / outgoing text, free to receive.
- Unlimited Text can be an add-on for an additional amount / month, i.e. $5 / month

[b]Voice Option:

Voice option can be enabled with purchase of pre-paid credits at pre-paid rates: 20C / min both way.
Pay-per-Use Voice can be also enabled for another 3 dollars / month
- Pre-Paid credits can be purchased to cover voice usage - 20c / minute. (no expiry)
- Pay-per-Use - 10 c / min
- Monthly allowance Voice can be added on for an additional amount / month, i.e. $20 for 200 minutes.
- Unlimited voice can be added on for a premium.


Koodo has one of the best self-serve app among the competitors. I believe that can be used as an advantage. These options can be changed monthly by the use themselves to tailor to their monthly needs. 

i.e. If I am heading out of town for a month where this is no Shaw or Telus Wifi, then i'd have to bump myself up to 100MB/day plan for extra data.

User can also toggle between 0.50GB <--> 30mb/day, or 1GB <--> 50Mb/day

Since Koodo's heavily relies on self-serve and the Koodo store front. I believe the know-how people can figure things out for themselves.

People who needs advise can go into the store for a short consultation. The phone calls can remain as a pay-per-use basis for those who prefer the legacy support method.

[b]Why I believe It can work:

This plan scheme is extremely flexible. It can be tailored to extremely low data user, where they only subscribe to the data only quota plan. It can be done with just a purchase of a SIM card. The cheapest plan would be pre-paid with no expiry, but that is really limited in what you can use it for, that still averages at least 15-20 a month. (Telus)

Data is more of a priority than voice! We need Data more than Text and voice.

There is no cheap data option in Canada, even for people who just want to take their data-enabled tablets to places. Or for people who really just need a slow internet access for all their daily needs.

Heavy Users can subscribe to higher daily quota plans. They end up paying about the same, but with the peace of mind that they will not run out. 

The unlimited (but throttled) data cap gets rid of the overages that really damages customer relations. We users would like to pay for the peace of mind that at least there is SOME data (not wind throttled horrible data) at all times, and the quota makes us conscious about not going overboard with our usages.

Telus has a decent network. This would not work for Wind or Mobiliicity who have horrible coverage even in populated areas.

[b]Sample Cases:

Remote Email User - Just LINE, Whatsapp, Email, Facebook
10 dollars / month for 30MB daily quota before throttled <--or--> 500MB / month unthrottled
Enough to check emails and communicate with family on a minimal cost, SIP can be used to make and receive calls.

Low-Usage Text - IM, Facebook, Text
13 /month =10 data + 3 / month text  + 5c / outgoing text

Student Value Pack - IM, Text, Low Minutes
16 / month
10 data - 30mb/day <--> 500MB
3 / month text enabled
3 / month voice enabled
+ Additional charges for usage outgoing text 5c, 10 cents / min incoming/outgoing call.

10 + 20 /month = 30mb /day, 20 credits prepaid for 20c call and 10c text at higher rate.

High-Usage User
20 / month 100mb /day quota  --> swap over to 3GB /month no throttling possible
3 /month text enabled
5 / month unlimited text
3 /month voice enabled
30 / month unlimited voice 
about 60 / month

My Prefer Case

10 / month -- 30mb / day (unlimited) <---> 500mb/month (not unlimited, traditional plan)
3 /month text enabled
3 / month voice enabled
25 / 300 minutes add on
5 / month text unlimited

About 40 CAD -- unlimited internet, text, and 300 mins

4 replies

This is a great idea and would really benefit those of us who only use data for messaging, emailing, and limited browsing. If such an addon was offered for a reasonable price I would jump on it. I'm not surprised they already have this in Japan, as usual Canada is behind.
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For several years, I was stuck dealing with home internet over satellite. The supplier had at the time a 160 MB limit at "full speed" per day, after which you were throttled severely, sometimes for several days, depending on how often you went over your limit. They called this abomination their "fair use policy".

I was pretty good at tracking my usage, then every now and then Apple would send a 1 GIG system update which sent me back to the stone age for a week.

Many suppliers on the US have tried this tactic -- unlimited data* (but *fine print specifies throttling limits. Data sometimes defined as browsing, but not streaming, etc).

They have all but given up on these ideas that are a generation behind most consumers. Their main focus now is $35 unlimited data provided you have 3-4 people on the plan, and they will throw in some extras. They are more interested in sending $200+ invoices for a group (Cdn equivalent) than giving a break to the smaller consumer.
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I don't know if I want to be throttled to 30-100mb/day of highspeed and then to slow speed. I'd prefer full speed along the way until I reach my allocated monthly data then maybe throttled to slower speed. I don't know if anyone has noticed but Koodo just introduced Shock-Free Data which basically pauses your data when you hit 100% and you got two option sent through text. I like the idea that in some days where I won't have wifi nearby that my data won't be throttled because I played an album in my streaming music app.
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Warning the customer (~shock) is a good strategy. At very least there is an audit trail to say customer was advised when all the complaint phone calls arrive.