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Frustrating $60 for 10 gb.. no answer

I’m existing Koodo customer since 6 years.. I have 2 lines.. I called number of times on Tuesday to get promo plan $60 for 10 gb.. no one answered kept saying can’t take calls due to busy.. it’s unfair and Tuesday was the last day as I heard of.. what should I do now?? It’s frustrating that no extensions,, no call back, icustomer service rating scale 0..

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I'm also frustrated! Makes me want to switch to a different provider.

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It was extended to Tuesday.
Call them and ask the promo u have to speak to the manager thats what i am doing i have kept on hold to speak to the manager
Four hours of hold and no answer, same today now that promo is over - can't even get the new +1 G data on existing plan...