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Free incoming calls on $35 Canada wide postpaid plan?


The $35 Canada wide postpaid plan is advertised as having:
-300 minutes
-300Mb data
-Unlimited texts

The smaller print says:
-Unlimited evenings and weekends (5pm) 
-Unlimited messaging (text & picture)
-Call Display, Voicemail, Unlimited Canada-wide Family calling, call waiting and conference calling

The small print says:
-Unlimited calling from 5pm to 8am, Monday through Thursday, and 5pm Friday to 8am Monday.
Includes international text messages sent and received anywhere in Canada. Availability of service will vary by country and is subject to change without notice. Excludes premium and subscription-based messages. Additional data charges apply depending on picture size when roaming in the U.S. and internationally. Picture messaging is supported by BlackBerry smartphone with a SIM card only if a BlackBerry is added to a Koodo plan or a Koodo data plan is chosen. Picture messaging works only if data is turned on.
-Roaming rates apply outside of Canada. Included data does not roll over at the end of each month.
-Calls must be made and completed within Canada. Applies to calls made between phones on the same account.

My question is...are incoming calls free and if so, during what time periods?


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It does not say unlimited incoming calls because it does not include unlimited incoming calls.
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Hey andrew

Incoming calls arent included in that plan

Edit: had this page open already with this type but had to walk away before hitting submit. I don't game the system 😉
Thanks both, that's something to think over!