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Free 5GB addon for existing customers

  • 21 October 2020
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I got an email saying Koodo will give a 5GB addon for free to existing Koodo customers. I am an existing customer yet when I went to the mall and into the koodo store they said it was for anyone coming over from Freedom Mobile. I didnt have the email at the time but when I got home I checked and it specifically said to any “existing” customers of koodo. Here is the link to the ad
Since I am in 1 of the 3 provinces listed...why were they unaware? Also, how do I go about getting this addon added to my plan if I cannot phone into a customer service? 


thanks in advance

4 replies

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The answer you received in the store may not be correct. Contact koodo (send a private message via Facebook), quote the email received and ask for the 5GB free add on.

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They are 2 different promotions.

There was a  +5GB promotion, which is applied for new activations (new line) at a kiosk (if you port from Freedom moble/Shaw). Current customers can’t get that promotion unless they open a new line.

Another promotion is the one mentioning in the redflagdeal. It is a different type. You can follow the discussion there and good luck.

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The post in red flag deals is not an ad from koodo. They tell you to call and threaten to cancel so they'll give you the deal for Freedom customers. It isn't automatically being given to anyone who asks at the kiosk.

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Since it’s you mentionning to cancel the account, I’m 100% sure the people at the kiosk couldn’t do anything about it