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Flexible plans

Whenever I talk to someone about their phone plan and what to switch to and stuff, there is always one issue that most people seem to have: they don't need a lot of minutes but use a lot of data. I signed up with Koodo because their prepaid option offers what I'm looking for, but wouldn't it be awesome to get a monthly plan (and a cool phone with it) that gives you exactly what you need?
My idea is:
Customers should be able to select an amount of minutes separately from the amount of data they will use. This way, a user who uses 2 GB of data doesn't automatically have to sign up for a kazillion minutes he/she will never use. Or, the other way around, the person that's on the phone all day but still uses a not-so-smartphone does not need to pay for data while still getting 2,000 minutes.
I would suggest a system where customers can choose a level for both services.
Thanks for listening 🙂

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It would be very difficult for each Koodo rep to make a "special plan" that is designed for that customer only for all customers.