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Fix the "losing HSPA" issue with customers trying to change their plans.

  • 11 November 2012
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We've had many threads on here with clients worrying about switching to new plans because the system is glitched and says they will lose Koodo HSPA when we all know that's not the case because it's network related, not a plan issue. Is there any way this can be rectified to ease people's minds? I'm sure the call centre has had some calls about this too.

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4 replies

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Agreed. There seems to be a lot of confusion and worries about the "losing HSPA".
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I don't think it's as simple as a fix. I assume since it's plan related it's listed as a feature in the plan but since it's not in the new list it shows that it's going to be removed when the plan changes. I'm not sure if just adding it into the new plans would be enough to "fix" this issue.
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I can't see this as being much more than a typographical error. Likely something that could be corrected while they're performing system or site maintenance. No one is going to lose HSPA - period. The majority of if not all devices Koodo sells are HSPA dependent. Regardless, someone needs to contact the webmaster a.s.a.p. and have them edit the page(s) where this error occurs. Not everyone may be aware of what HSPA actually is, if a customer sees that they'll "lose" out on HSPA, yet no other plans mention the loss of HSPA, it could prompt the customer to go with a higher rate plan.
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Rikkster, it happens to all rate plans so there is absolutely no concern whatsoever in regards to customers going to a higher rate plan.