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Family/Shared Plans

I highly suggest that Koodo should have Family/Shared Plan. It is one way to get more customers most especially those who are new comers in Canada who doesn't have requirements yet for applications so that they can join their Family/Friends and at the same time they can save up on their monthly bills since koodo has international text newcomers can still keep in touch with their love ones. Its also gonna be less hassle for them from paying bills but if its possible to separate bills from other person its a plus. since most of the family has different ways on how to use their phone/plans.. Thanks!

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No doubt about it, my friend. I think Rogers has started something like this, but along the lines of business. More of a kind of pay for what you use plan, rather than having so many gigs of data and not using it all, but still paying for it on multiple phones used for business purposes.
something like all will share 300-1200 minutes of calls w/ unlimited text and 2-?? amount of Data then theres an option for Global texting for 1 Line and other add-ons