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Family plans

Need family plans...One price..availability to share Data say 10gb plans. 4 phones on 1 plan for $200.00.

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That would be great in the future, but for now, you can get free calling and text between other numbers registered under the same name.
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Need to look at primary suppliers if you want shared data.
Would be nice to share data between phones
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This is only for Rogers/Bell/Telus. The flanker brands don't have any shared plans. Do you want phones subsidized with the 10gb plan or will you bring your own? Either way it's not going to be $200. For BYOD, it's going to be minimum $120 for Unlimited local calls (add $5 for Canada wide) and text with call display/Voicemail and 10gb on the first line, then add $40 X 3 lines, which equals $240. Again, this is all BYOD pricing. Getting subsidized phones is going to bring the cost up $10 or $20 per phone/line you want.
But again, why can Koodo not be different? Saying "we don't do it because Virgin/Fido don't do it" is really lame...

Even an uncarrier brand like Wind has "better together" savings where they offer discounts based on the number of phones you have in your family

Otherwise most people will continue to have phones from different carriers