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Hi, my husband and I each have the Canada Wide Talk & Text ($25) plan. We are looking at getting our daughter a phone used for keeping in contact with us/emergencies. Can you tell me what the most cost effective approach would be? I don't quite understand the family plan...........Thank you,

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Depending on how old your daughter is and whether this is her first phone I think your best choice is to put her koodo's prepaid service. 1. $15 gets her in the game with unlimited text. (you can add minutes for $5 when you need it) 2. You have greater control on her use with prepaid, she can't go over and end up with a surprise bill 3. Auto top-up (with your credit card) will ensure she always have enough on her account. 4. $100 gets her a great little phone along with an activation bonus of $20. https://shop.koodomobile.com/prepaid/android/samsung-galaxy-discover/prodKHSSS730BEPREPAID.html
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If you do want to have her set up on post paid, you have all kinds of options. As long as you and your husband are on the same account, and add your daughter to that same account, you will get unlimited calling between each other within Canada. Pretty much all of Koodo's plans for the last little while have included unlimited family calling, which means calling between members on one account. Past that all you would do is pick whichever rate plan would work best for your daughter. And as Chris said, Koodo Prepaid is a great option and allows you to manage usage a little more closely without any risk of a large bill.