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My friend just got a Galaxy II on a family plan and pays $25 amonth for unlimited text, eves and weekends but he's constantly on the internet playing games with people all over the world. He seems to think this is included, I'm sceptical as it sounds too cheap to be true and if it is I want that plan. If it is not true who is going to receive the ugly bill for data usage, him or his parents (who's original plan it is)?

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Well... Whoever that gave the credit information to open the account for that cellphone will be the lucky one to receive that bill... Koodo does not have Family Plans, but some companies does and data and minutes can be shared, so probably this is the case... At Koodo you can get Unlimited Family Calling between all the lines under the same account, perfect for parents and children, so they do not have to worry about the minutes when calling their kids or vice versa....
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To add to Camilo. Are you sure your friend is using Network Data? If so that is not unlimited on Koodo's network no matter the plan. However if your friend is using Wifi then that would be unlimited. You are a good friend Anj to help check on this.
Anj A, Within most android phones you can set the limit of Mobile Data under Settings -> More Settings-> Mobile Settings->Mobile Data Set it to 0 and you're golden!
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$25 a month sounds like he has a Canada wide Talk and Text Plans, which means he will pay for the data he use.(Canada Wide Talk & Text plan include Pay-Per-Use Data Saver. If he is using WIFI as Dennis mentioned he will be O.K. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html