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Family plan

It would be nice for my wife,Daughter and I to have one bill at a great cost

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Is this in reference to each of the members sharing minutes? Unfortunately, there are no plans to have a "family plan" with Koodo. You can still get the 3 lines on one account. Each line would have its own plan BUT as long as the numbers are on the same account, they will have unlimited calling between the lines no matter where the phone are in Canada with Koodo's Canada Wide plans
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You can have all of your lines on the same account so you guys would have "one bill" instead of 3.
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Sharing minutes/data plan would be a good thing to consider. I don't know if other companies are still offering those, but if Koodo would, I'd know people who would switch
I could easily see a lot more angry customers complaining about additional airtime because 1 family member went over and used up all the minutes.
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Hi Kevin, Although there isn't an official "family plan" with Koodo, you can get your wife and daughter within one account and in one bill. If you're all under one account, you and the family can have unlimited incoming/outgoing calls with each other.