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Family Calling

Koodo should start doing what other mobile companies are doing( such as bell) in reguards to family calling. They allow each person to have their own account but since they reside in the same residence they get to have family calling between eachother. To have the family calling on one acount (name) might cause somebody to have a larger bill they did not make and get stuck with the bill because of the way it is currently set up. Maybe they could have each person have their own account in their name but have it set up as a house hold account, so that each is responsible for their own bill and yet still have the family calling when they reside in the same residence. Or be able to register/link another account to yours so that you will have the family calling (that being said in reguards to children that may have gone away to school).

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But it's family. Shouldnt you be able to trust someone who is on your account who is family to pay you?
You should, but it does not alway work that way.