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Extremely Frustrated

  • 10 March 2023
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I was in a store to get a new phone and SIM card for my son. 
The employee was able to pull up my account with “MY” drivers license and phone number. 
I had a balance that had to be paid so he suggested that I call Koodo who has always been extremely helpful, especially when my old phone was hacked and being used by this person. 
I’ve always been pleased with the quality of service until I spoke with the employee who happened to answer my call. 
 I was just in an accident (my son and I were thrown into a telephone pole, so with a severe concussion I couldn’t remember my PIN and after seeing my son fly forward and by the grace of someone my son was somehow stopped from being sent through the windshield. So I wanted to surprise him with a new phone) 

The person I spoke with asked me my PIN and I told them I couldn’t remember. He asked for the last 4 digits of my drivers license and then told me that it was wrong, not the license that is on my account and would not tell me what the drivers license was. 
I provided my phone number, my daughters phone number and the phone number of my sons and the payments that I made. 
The new email address as well as the previous email address. I gave my home address as well as the previous phone number that I had. 
I asked him if he could speak to the employee that was helping me, he said no he could not speak to the employee. Over 90mins on my phone I was no closer to being able to get any information. 
It was clear that he was looking at my account, I was asking if I could make the payment and the remaining amount a week earlier than the required due date. 
He then asked me if he could speak to the employee, who had gone on their break. 
I was frustrated and said that I’d never had an issue before and I just wanted to make the payment and get the upgraded phone and a new plan. He was very abrupt and when I said that I had given him everything that any other person had asked for when I called and that I was thinking of having my brother who is with another provider have him order my sons new phone. He was not phased at all, knowing that the moment you suggest that you are sent to the loyalty department. 
I’ve worked in a call centre with cell phones and knew that I had given everything that he needed and the moment I said I would go elsewhere that I should have been transferred over to loyalty department. 
Unfortunately he didn’t seem interested and asked if there was anything else that I could help him with after suggesting that I have my daughter help me with the account since the Drivers License was not the same. 
The employee at the store was in the process of getting the phone I just needed to speak with Koodo. 
I ended up standing in the store on the phone for 90mins + and left the store empty handed and very disappointed that I couldn’t surprise my son with a new phone, all the phones he had were handed down but after the accident and seeing my son fly forward before hitting the pole I decided that he should have his own phone. 
I’m unable to drive for 2 weeks so I can’t get to the store. I’m on my koodo account and I don’t see any offers for someone who has been with Koodo for years and has bought multiple phones from them and I’m wanting to see if they have any offers other than the ones that are on the self service site. 

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. My son is off to his friends and I had wanted him to have his own phone to show his friends. 

thank you for reading this and sharing any advice you have. 

3 replies

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I don’t quite understand your story. What I’m reading is that in order to get a new phone for your son, you first had to pay your outstanding balance. It took a little while to verify your identity because you forgot your PIN, but finally that was paid and you could proceed with your order.

Except in the middle of your story you mention the loyalty department - I don’t quite get the reference. Why did you expect to speak with loyalty - once your payment was made, why couldn’t you proceed with your purchase in the store itself?

Sorry for the confusion. I’ve got a concussion and I’m kinda all over the place. 
 I wasn’t able to get the phone because the employee I was talking to said that the Drivers License on my account didn’t match the one that I had given the koodo employee. The employee at the store said it was the one that I had given him. 
When asked about the license on my account he would not give me any information. 
I was told to have my daughter figure out what is on the account. 
I have looked into my account and In my profile there’s no information about my drivers licence. I changed my information online so I have the pin and everything I need to go to the store. 
 I mentioned loyalty because I was frustrated with 90+ minutes on the phone and with no help from the koodo employee. Towards the end of the call he then said he would talk to the store employee but he was gone on his break. 
Frustrated with how much information I gave and was still not able to get him to give the go ahead and purchase the phone I said in that case I’m not going to buy the phone from Koodo and go to another provider. I asked for loyalty dept and he acted like I didn’t ask to speak with them. 
I know that loyalty would have been able to help me with the phone because the employee was asking me over and over for the pin. I tried to give him the pin but unfortunately I couldn’t remember. 
I looked on the self serve for phones and deals and there wasn’t any that were offered previously when I bought this phone from them online. 
The employee said that they couldn’t go forward with the purchase because the drivers license didn’t match what he was looking at and he would not give me the information that he had. No one else is on my account with a drivers license. 
I was hacked with my Samsung phone and the hacker was able to access my phone and the employee that I had been talking to when this happened said that it was best to disconnect the phone number and get another one. Once I was able to purchase another phone I had a new phone number. 
So being told that I couldn’t proceed with the purchase because the license the koodo employee was looking at didn’t match the one I had in my hand but it was verified by the store employee. 
I had one employee tell me that I provided everything that I needed to get the phone but the koodo employee said I couldn’t get the phone because the information he had was not what he was looking at, and he wouldn’t give me any information on what the drivers license he was seeing on his end. It made no sense to me nor the store employee and I originally had asked for the employee to speak to the store employee and he told me that he would not. But at the end of the call he said he would talk to the store employee but after 90+minutes the store employee went on his break and there was no other person there to speak to the koodo employee. 
I asked for loyalty because I knew that I would get better service being a customer for over 18years I was upset and at that point I was not just looking for help but considering having the phone number I was wanting to upgrade not only the phone but the plan as well transferred to another carrier but the employee would not transfer me, he acted like I didn’t say anything. 
Having worked for a cell phone provider I had given him everything he needed to give the ok to the store employee but he kept saying have your daughter go through the account. 
Koodo has always been great with anything that I have called about and when they saw that my old phone number was being remotely controlled they went above and beyond to help me. 
The employee who I spoke to was very abrupt and he was not interested in helping me with anything. 
Coming online to see if there was any offers on my self serve I didn’t see the offer that was at the store. 
I was asking the community what I should do because at this point I’m not remotely interested in buying anything from them. The customer survey was sent to do complete and I filled it out and then received a text saying that they were unable to see the survey response and that they were closing the survey. 
It was not a favourable survey for the employee and to finish it and receive a text saying that the survey was not completed and the survey was closed had never happened before. When given a great review it went through but the survey was not completed and case closed. 
Standing in the store waiting to purchase a product just days after being released from the hospital and wanting to surprise my son with his first phone that wasn’t handed down to him and I left the store empty handed because the employee was not helping me with the purchase of the device. 

Guess it doesn’t matter now. Case closed I guess. Off to check out other options. 


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I guess Koodo is very zealous in keeping your account safe and sometimes err on the side of caution. Especially since you mentioned you were hacked at some point. Sounds like you found a solution of sorts!