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expired data?!? bonus data not shown?!

  • 24 September 2020
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Had my plan tweaked the other week and the rep switched me over to the new plan immediately mid-billing cycle.  Noticed that my old data allotment was 'expired' and data allotment is 'missing' under my usage tab.

My old  1gb plan was upped to a 2gb+ (2gb bonus for 24mths), but checking my usage tab I see that my allotment is only 2048mb + 820mb.  I see that 1024mb of the data had expired as well (possibly from old plan?). Is there an error somewhere? Or am I not reading this properly?

1 reply

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No, it's not error.

If you upgrade your plan in middle of your billing cycle, then minutes and data will be prorated.   

For your data:  previous data will be expired and no overage charge occurred. And new allotment will be prorated. 

Say, you got 2GB plan in 15 days in your billing cycle, then you get 1GB till end of billing cycle. You will get full 2GB on next bill cycle.