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Existing customer wishing to switch to a BYOP plan

  • 31 July 2022
  • 2 replies

I have been a Koodo customer for years. I have not had a TAB for a long, long time. My phone plan no longer meets my needs and is more expensive than most BYOP plans.

I do not want a new phone or another TAB plan. I do not need 15G of data (just 2-4G would suffice).

I want one of the “Bring Your Own Phone” plans, and I own my phone. Can I switch to one of these plans?

2 replies

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Set up a call back and talk to a rep to switch it. 

You mentioned that you don't need a new phone. But if you need to buy a new phone on any tab size, then you need to switch to one of Tab plan again.

I will set up a call back.