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Exclusive offer worth it ?

I recived this text and I have the 56 promo plan that include 2gb and wondering if I should get 1gb for 10 is that worth the prices ?

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It's worth it in the sense that you'll be saving money versus overage charges (which is $5/250MB on that plan).

Only you can answer if you consistently go over or need more data. If it's not something you regularly go over (and get close to the limit at and have to monitor) then it's probably not worth it. Either of those add-ons are cheaper than the overages charges. It's up to you to decide if you need the extra data on your plan.
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Did you go over your data allowance? What's your typical monthly data use? Look over your past bills for this information.

If you go over only occasionally and don't pay much for that overage, it may not be worth it. See how much you've paid in overages (if applicable), and then compare that to how much you would've paid over the same time with an add-on. If you're paying about the same, it'll still be worth it to get the add-on as you'll have more data available.