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Make it 'Roam Europe for Dummies' so people who go to Europe rarely can use their phone easily. I recently prepared for my trip by getting international Roaming and data set up on my phone and asking the community several questions on how to use the phone in Europe. The phone worked and I got my welcome text for each country I visited but I was not able to make easy calls within Europe or back to Canada - nothing to do with the phone or service I believe but just lack of knowledge on how to use (or not use) country codes etc. Many tourist companies provide their country code with their phone number and being unfamiliar with European phone numbers it is difficult to tell what is what. I recommend anyone who signs up for International Roaming gets some very clear instructions on how to use the phone and how to call within Europe and North America, including the "standard number of digits used within each country, when to use the Country code etc. I'd be happy to provide a review of a draft if some knowledgeable person put one together.

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That's fair, Ray. Thanks for the idea. Make sure to enter the contest if you haven't already 🙂