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Error when attempting to change plan

When I login to my self serve account, and view my current plan, and then click the "Change Plan" button, I get the spinning timer for about 10 seconds and then end at a generic error page


" An error has occurred, please try again later"

I have been trying for over a week now but same results, Iv cleared cookies/cache and have tried on multiple devices but no resolution. After some research I see that a lot of koodo customers are experiencing the same issue, how do i fix this? Im trying to change it to the $50 plan that has 5gb and unlimited talk and text

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I will flag a rep here. If you are using the same email of your account in this forum, a rep might be able to find your account. Hopefully they can help you here. If not, you might have to contact them directly to ask a rep there to assist you.

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@Filthy Casual Apologies for the hiccup in changing plans! All should done now!

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Hey there! We’ve sent you a new e-mail to setup your self-serve account. Can you verify your e-mail and see if you can access the online profile and have the plan changed? Well, looks like the plan is changed already, so it’s good. 

Awesome, thank you for the quick replies guys! You all rock, especially Bernard for reaching out and updating the plan quickly. Thank you!