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Entered USA, Turned on Easy Roam, account charged, but Data still says locked.

  • 10 September 2023
  • 3 replies

Thought Account had Easy Roam on..  realized it was not.. turned it on.. account was charged daily fee .. but Data is not available,  shows as locked in the account.


Thanks fully it did lock as it would of been crazy high.. with out the easy roam.

3 replies

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When you mentioned "locked" what do you mean?. Was the data stopped in Koodo self-serve or the phone?

Also, Which plan are you on and I assumed you still had data in your line?

When I open my Webrowser and sign in tells me the account is locked buy more data to unlock.. but my usage for the cycle shows less than 1gig of 75 used..  easy roam was off.. so that’s why it locked.. I turned on Easy Roam.. I see Sept 9 and 10th it is charging the Easy Roam.. but still no data service can be accessed. So Now I am paying easy roam daily and still nothing..

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Hi there @Bo1o1  We looked into your accunt, we saw that you received help from an agent yesterday for your issue, we also checked the number ending by 974, and there is Data usage in the U.S, September 3, 9 and 10.  On our end everything is good to go, We refreshed the switch just to be sure. We recommend checking your Data settings on your device.