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Enhanced Voicemail allowing for more messages

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I have an iPhone on Koodo. I came from Fido where I had enhanced voicemail which allowed for up to 35 messages. I know TELUS has a voicemail plan that allows up to 25 messages. I was hoping Koodo could make this a reasonable add-on. I get a LOT of calls and it would really help if I could have a larger voicemail capacity. Currently I have to aggressively manage them. Please Koodo, I'd love for this idea to be considered.

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An enhanced version would be cool. But you have to admit, Koodo's free voicemail is the best in the industry. 10 messages, up to 5min/voicemail message, saved for up to 10 days. Fido - 3 messages up to 3min/message Virgin - 3 messages
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No doubt the standard is good. Options are nice for those who need more though 🙂
Two years later, as far as I can tell, Koodo's position hasn't changed.

I'd like to add a "seconded" on this idea.

One of the majors in Quebec offers a standard voicemail that allows for 35 messages of up to 5 minutes, kept forever.